Our primary aim is to inform practical decision-making.

In so doing, we assist a broad range of organisations in the development of their own businesses/strategies (ie, products and/or services).

  • By developing close relationships with client companies.
  • By understanding and committing ourselves to their needs.
  • By designing and delivering research with clarity and creativity.
  • By applying insightful analysis and interpretation to research findings.
Alchemy is all about ‘chemistry’, the magical process of turning base metal into gold.  Alchemy Research is all about ‘commercial chemistry’:

  • Customer chemistry: Understanding how it feels to be in their shoes.
  • Client chemistry: Understanding/committing ourselves to client needs.
  • Team chemistry: Vastly experienced, to complement client teams.
We don’t have a magical formula, but we can turn research findings into golden nuggets of commercially-actionable insights and recommendations!

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