Alchemy is all
about chemistry, the
magical process of turning
base metal into gold
Alchemy Research
is all about
commercial chemistry

It's all about Alchemy

Alchemy Research is a leading insight consultancy, offering ‘full service’ market research globally


We draw on our extensive experience to design bespoke and innovative research approaches that deliver insightful commercial solutions


We adopt an energetic, enthusiastic and flexible approach, with hands-on director-level involvement at all stages of the process


We keep things interesting, challenging and rewarding for clients, respondents and ourselves


So that collectively we generate fresh insights to inform product, service and marketing decision-making

How we do it!

We work closely with our clients, to understand their businesses and strategies

We design and implement research that addresses real business issues

We understand that delivering carefully-constructed research is only half the challenge

We develop insights that help our clients respond to the ever-changing consumer landscape

We assist decision-making and provide actionable recommendations to inform business development

Our approach

Clarity - Keeping things simple

Coverage - Truly global (ie, Open World)

Creativity - Research design and problem-solving

Energy - Enthusiastic and innovative approaches

Insight - Commercially-actionable recommendations

Involvement - Relationships/understanding client needs

Partnerships - Established network of senior associates

Value - Support services used as required

Delivery - On time, on budget

Our techniques

Qualitative Research

  • Group discussions
  • Depth interviews (ie, one-on-one, paired, triads)
  • Accompanied shopping trips/experiences
  • Online groups/bulletin boards
  • Observational/ethnography
  • Group discussions
  • Depth interviews (ie, one-on-one, paired, triads)
  • Accompanied shopping trips/experiences
  • Online groups/bulletin boards
  • Observational/ethnography

Quantitative Research

  • Face-to-face (ie, street, HUT, in-store, exit)
  • Online/self-completion
  • Telephone/mobile apps
  • Hall/central location tests
  • Mystery shopping
  • Face-to-face (ie, street, HUT, in-store, exit)
  • Online/self-completion
  • Telephone/mobile apps
  • Hall/central location tests
  • Mystery shopping

Consultancy Services

  • Communities, workshops, NPD
  • Segmentation,  volumetrics,  modelling, statistics
  • Vox pops, video diaries, wearable cameras, eye-tracking

Market Analysis

  • Sales/EPoS data
  • Retail testing

Desk Research

  • Secondary data
  • Market intelligence/entry/sizing

Advertising tracking
Brand positioning/imagery
Category reviews
Concept validation
Creative development/evaluation
Customer journeys
Customer satisfaction
Customer profiling


Digital user experience
Home usage trials
Market testing
New product/service development
Product/in-store tests
Purchase motivators/inhibitors
U&A studies

Alchemy in action...

Campaign Measurement:
Using technology and people to validate advertising campaigns

In today's increasingly complex media world, content is king. Consumers are device and channel-agnostic and brands have had to adapt to stay ahead of the curve, becoming more tactical in how they manage their one-to-one marketing efforts, targeting audiences across platforms and focusing on content consumed by people rather than screens in isolation.

The ability to accurately measure a cross-device, single or multimedia advertising campaign is critical for understanding the impact that the creative and messaging has on a consumer's awareness and perception of a brand.

Considering individual consumers and their exposure to media, rather than as a household, is the future of audience measurement.

Understanding 'Your' Consumer Behaviour

Consumers' power is consolidating, with improving access to information, an ever-widening choice of goods and services and opportunities to share their experiences widely. While the digital revolution has handed additional power to the consumer, it has also increased the complexity of choice and many are now using tools such as social media or price comparison websites to inform their decisions.

Customers are not generic and it is therefore critical that companies recognise this and respond flexibly to different customer types and behaviour. Understanding this behaviour and customer types is the first step towards building outstanding customer experiences and ensuring the accuracy and success of any marketing activity.

The key for brands to staying relevant is to understand how consumers are shopping and what drives their purchase decisions.

'Your' Customer Journey

Dissecting the complexity of the customer journey: The proliferation of the digital revolution has led to the funnel-shaped selection process becoming obsolete, with customer journeys now subject to interruptions, diversions and delays.  We explore the journey that customers take and help brands navigate through the messy and inconsistent paths people take when buying products in real-world scenarios.

'Your' Customer Voice

Creating an online community panel allows brands to keep their finger on the pulse of customers, delivering their voice into the heart of your business: Use customers' valuable opinions to help shape future marketing campaigns, test and refine ideas/products and develop a range of actionable insights.

Bringing together a wealth of experience!

Joanne Broadhead

17 years in market research
Extensive retail experience
Specialist in observations, intercepts and accompanied shopping
 Experience of work in design/communications agencies

John Shepherd

30 years agency experience
Established Alchemy in 1998
Qualitative, quantitative and consultancy
Consumer, professional, business, social
Strategic input/insight, added value

Chris Taylor

22 years agency and client-side experience
Consumer/trade experience
Previously Head of Marketing at Staffordshire University
Vast experience of qualitative/quantitative techniques

Global coverage

We operate on a truly international basis, via membership of Open World

Network of 16 partners and 12 associate members
Spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas
Single source of worldwide qualitative/quantitative research SUMMARY

Philosophy (ie, senior consultants on all projects)
Vast experience of a wide range of sectors/audiences
Delivery of condensed and powerful analysis
Long-term client relationships
Post-project inputs

All the services/resources of a large consultancy
Hands-on ‘accessibility’ of a small/friendly agency
UK/international coverage (ie, via Open World)
‘Field/tab’ to ‘full service’ involvement

Support services provided by long-term partners
Concentration on the ‘added value’ elements
Namely, design, fieldwork, analysis, interpretation and insight generation
Exceptional value for money

Working Together To Deliver Insight

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